Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer!! Let's Review Flip Flop Spa!

One morning, not too long ago, I stumbled across a morning show.  You know the ones with news and talk and such.  They had a table set up with all the great, new stuff you should be buying... I LOVE when they do that.  The girl help up a flip flop she said would soften my feet.  Hooray!

You should know that I hate my feet.  There isn't anything wrong with them in particular.  I just hate all feet!  I hate looking at them, putting cream on them, ugghhhh!  The thought of going for a pedicure or someone touching my feet totally freaks me out.  So, a shoe, even is its a flip flop (of course I hate flip flops and sandals... ewww) that can exfoliate and soften my feet just by wearing the shoe?!  Hooray!

So, I decided to visit the website.  The name was memorable, even though I didn't write it down that day.  "Flip Flop Spa" how decadent!  I visited the website several times over about 4 weeks.  The flip flops were a little expensive... if they were junk.  If they work, its pretty reasonable.  For around $60, you can have the deluxe type starter kit.  For about $30 you can have a more basic kit.  You can also purchase individual pieces to customize your experience.

I decided to try to save some money and pick and choose the most important pieces.  It was a little difficult.  The item descriptions were lacking, well, descriptions.  The website was forcing me to depend on purchading the expensive kit in order to get eveything I needed, because there was no description of what I needed.  Confused? Me too.  So, here's the thing, I ordered everything in the deluxe kit separately, and it was cheaper than buying them together... a lot cheaper!  Of course I was missing the carrying case (which you cannot buy separately, so I cannot include a price for that in my total), so technically they could say that case is worth $5 or $100-- see you really are saving if your buy the kit!  wink wink.

Despite the flaws in pricing, website design, and item descriptions, I really really wanted to try this product, so I spent the money!!!  (BTW I did email the company with all the complaints listed above.  It seems to be a small start up company that maybe is unaware of these complaints.  I have yet to hear back from them.)

My products arrived today.  I was a little surprised when the FedEx truck pulled up, since I recieved no product shipment email.  But they arrived safe and sound and packaged well.  Here is everything straight out of the box:

Everything was in a very cute burlap case.  The flip flops looked well made.  The color was silver leopard and it was very sparkly!  I do love sparkle!  I didn't like the heel on the bottom of the flip flop, but since I haven't walked around in them yet, I'll not judge just yet.  But aren't flip flops flat?

Here is the top:

And everything else:

Not sure if you can tell by the picture, I ordered an extra set of pads that I didn't need.  Due to poor descriptions on the website, I didn't know the base pair came with a set of pads.

I intend to try out these flip flops over the next month.  I'll review everything again then.  But so far, everything looks VERY well made.  If I saw this set in the store and was able to touch it, and try everything on, I would purchase it.  The only flaw I see so far is the website. 

But stay tuned because these feet...

... could use some work!  Oh ewwwww did I just post a picture of my foot???!!!!  I might have nightmares about this!


  1. I love them as well, but I believe your missing the pouch and the cleansing spray that goes along with the cleanse
    Pad. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks! Which one is the cleanse pad? Any advice on the order to do things? I wish they included instructions with everything. I'm clueless! :)

  2. #1 cleanse-spray cleanser on cleansing pad(thinner of the two sparkle pads) and spray on entire foot. 10 min
    #2 exfoliate- place this pad on the base flip flop and walk- you can use this for 10 minutes.
    #3 moisturize-place the thick sparkle pad on flip flop base Add essential oil (more in heel area) And walk!