Sunday, June 17, 2012

Missing Summer Camp!

I have been out of the classroom for just over two years.  I am currently a stay at home mom for my sweet little two year old.  I have to admit, I miss it.  I also miss the summer work I used to do.  I think every year since I was 18, I worked at some kind of summer camp. 

At first, it was a great way to make some money for college.  Then it was just a way to stay busy.  If you're thinking about working at a camp, DO IT!  Camp usually falls right in the middle of your summer break.  So, you get some time to yourself at the beginning and end of your summer.  Besides, if you do it right, summer camp still feels like a vacation!

If you don't need the money, volunteer at a summer camp.  Most areas have camps that are free for low-income kids.  These camps don't have a big budget (usually) and could probably use your help.  I was lucky enough to be able to afford to volunteer, instead of "work," a few summers.  It was even more rewarding.

I'd love to hear some great camp stories, if you've got any!  Happy Camping!

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