Thursday, June 14, 2012

Arts and Crafts for Summer Camp

     Over 10 years, I have experimented with different projects and the ones included in this lesson pack (get the full pack here) are the most popular among my campers and cover a 6 week camp season.

     I have worked or volunteered at 3 separate camps over the years, but the budget is always the same– pennies, it seems.  So the projects are really based on a shoestring budget, simple papers, minimal supplies.  I always try to splurge on one item, my favorite is liquid watercolors.  I get a lot of bang for the buck since they are so versatile.  You will notice I use them several times throughout the season. 

     It was also required of me, to create lesson plans that could be adapted for a variety of ages.  The camp directors wanted all the kids to do the same project each week.  So that meant the 5 year olds were doing the same project as the 12 year olds.  Art is easy to adapt that way, but you should note that the following projects were planned with that in mind.

     For my loyal readers, I'm including one of my favorite summer camp projects-- spiders!!! (We usually make bug paintings along with these-- check out my store for more info).

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I hope these projects see you through an exciting, happy summer!

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