Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fine Art for Preschool!

FINALLY!  Here it is, my FREE sample from the Preschool Fine Arts Activity Pack.  Its my latest and its designed for Preshcoolers!  My preschool students have completed all of the activities and LOVED it!  I also have to say, that these lessons make parents happy too.  There is something fun in saying, "Yes, my 3 year old knows all about Monet and Kandinsky."  Love it!

Here is my tip for Fine Arts with young ones... EXPECTATION.  What do I mean?  Don't expect adult work from your 3 and 4 yeard olds just because you are teaching them about adult artists.  It sounds easy enough, but I have witnessed many a teacher do half or most of the work, "just so it looks nicer."  Don't fall into this trap!  The lesson pack I have created includes many cut and paste options to help make everything look more finished.  I also recommend framing preschool artwork to make things "nicer."  To "frame" all you need is a sheet of paper larger than the project.  Center the project and glue, tape, or staple together.  Black works best!  But other colors can be used as well.

And finally, just for my blog readers, I am including some further instructions not found on the teacherspayteachers FREE download.  You can use this "Water Lily" download any way you want, but here are some tips.  Have students paint a watery background onto white or blue paper.  Use only cool colors, blues, greens, or purples.  Once dry, have students color, cut, and paste the water lilies onto the painting.  Display the student painting next to a poster of Monet's "Water Lilies."

Check out the FREE sample here

Check out the FULL pack... you don't need to know anything about art to use this pack!  Almost everything you need is here

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  1. I’m glad that you pointed out the importance of letting the kids do their own artwork. How will students learn anything if an adult does most of the work? (Also, what teacher has time to do that?)

  2. Just Reading your blog and saw the FINE ART FOR PRESCHOOL lesson.
    You are a teacher after my own heart. When my children were young we would take them to the art museum.My son would go from one country's armor to another sketching and comparing-he was around 7 yrs old. I believe in introducing children to art at an early age.
    My lessons at Ginger's Kids at mostly arts-based. Do you think there is a morket for them? I signed on as a member...
    Virginia Wiseman