Monday, January 23, 2012

I love Pete the Cat!

Do you know Pete?  On my most recent trip to the book store, I spotted a picture book with the most adorable cat on the cover...  "Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes."  Pete introduces colors in a fun, musical way. 

Pete has a pair of white shoes that he LOVES.  He loves them so much that he sings a song about it!  As he walks around, he keeps stepping in messy stuff that change the color of his shoes.  Pete never gets upset, he loves his red shoes, blue shoes, brown shoes, and wet shoes!  He sings a song about each one.

My daughter loves anything musical, so I knew we had to get this book!  I didn't get it right away because it's listed at $16.99!  But I won't complain because I do love using the local library.  We love reading the same book over and over, so I do like to buy. I am glad Pete has made his way into our library.

The best parts:
1. Its simple.  Pete's shoes go through 5 changes: white, red, blue, brown, and wet.
2. Its repetitive.  With each color change, the text repeats with minor changes.  Kids love that!
3. Plot has a circular pattern.  His shoes start out white and end up white, wet but white. 
4. Free reading of the story set to music is available FREE online!

The worst parts:
1. Its too short... WE WANT MORE PETE!
2. I don't like the brown page, it looks like Pete is drinking coffee.  I guess it could be hot chocolate. 
3. I love the color changes, but when Pete gets blueberries on his red shoes, I think his shoes should be purple, not blue.  But since my daughter is too young to know that, I guess it doesn't matter.
4. The free story download doesn't follow the text exactly.  So it wouldn't work very well for reading along.  Young readers might get confused.

I say, add Pete to your library!  He is so much fun!  And don't forget to download the free story and song! 

Pete the Cat Story and Song Download  plus some downloadable Pete the Cat activities!

Harper Collins features this youtube video.  It's cute but the little girl isn't always clear.  video

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