Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pete the Cat Inspires Me!

Pete has so inspired me!!!  My daughter and I have been doing EVERYTHING color since reading Pete's book!  And having a great time! 

We have been playing with balloons and paint, reading lots and lots of books, and now she wants me to tell her the color of everything.  I've created a color monster!!!!

I've put together a packet of lessons for a week of toddler and preschool color themed activities!  They are available at my store on click here for a full description.  Like the pack?  I'm going to put it on sale!  When I reach 20 followers I'll put it on sale for 20% that day!  So come on all you readers, follow my blog!

Here's my favorite activity from the pack:

Balloon Basketball:
Get a bunch of laundry baskets, one for each color balloon.  If you’re lucky you can find blue, red, white, etc baskets.  If not, just put a colored piece of paper in the bottom of each basket.  Put on some music and let the kids dance and sort the balloons.  The dancing and the moving around should keep the balloons floating around the room. having to give chase will make it more fun!
For music, I recommend:     “Let’s Move” by Steve Songs

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